College Placement

At Colegio Interamericano, we have a full time college counselor who dedicates herself to helping students apply and be accepted in many universities both local and foreign. To achieve this, in high school we promote several activities  that  help the students to choose a career, have more information about different  colleges and apply for scholarships. Last school year (2015-2016),  we had several students who were accepted to many prestigious universities in  the United States.  In addition to being accepted, students were awarded more than $1,000,000 in various scholarships.


Moreover, we provide resources to the students to make better choices when they decide which  careers and  colleges they wish to pursue. Some activities that  benefit   the students are  a  vocational test and career day. In addition,  we have activities to research colleges like individual meetings with the counselor, university visits and  university fairs. We also administer on-site many standardized tests that are part of the requirements of the universities such as SAT, SAT Subject Test, PAA, and AP exams.


Our devotion to students is not limited to those enrolled, as many alumni return to Interamericano seeking continued help in the application process.

All these services that we provide to the students are essential because they help them achieve their goals to be accepted by prestigious foreign and local universities, such as:

Local Universities



Foreign Universities