Welcome by General Director

Dear Community,

My name is Evan Hunt and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you as the General Director of Colegio Interamericano.  When I visited campus to interview for the position, I knew immediately that this was a wonderful community and one that I hoped to become a part of. By the nature of its history and unique character, Colegio Interamericano has always been a warm and welcoming community. YES, indeed we are a co-educational, dual-diploma, bi-lingual, mission driven school, but when you visit campus and walk through our hallways, you can immediately sense we are so much more.

Home, family, familiar, and inviting are just some of the many adjectives people use to describe the Interamericano experience. I can assure you that we are working hard to make sure we as school not only preserve that experience, but also make it even better.

This is a truly exciting time in our school’s history as we celebrate its 40th year anniversary. Interamericano has been educating students and working with families here in Guatemala for four decades where a lot has changed, but what has remained consistent is our

commitment to providing students and families the very best bilingual education possible. This includes providing our graduates not only with both a US and Guatemala High School Diploma, but just as improtantly with the tools necessary to be successful in any location they choose to study and live in the future.

What makes the Interamericano experience so valuable and so special?

Even though I have only been part of the school for 1 year, for me the answer is very simple: people. It is the friendly and caring adults and children associated with this school that have defined its legacy. At Interamericano, programs can come and go, but what remains the cornerstone of the school is amazing people that believe in the school and what it has to offer.

Welcome again to Interamericano and I am looking forward to meeting you. 


Evan Hunt