Summer Camp


Summer-Camp-LogoThe Inter Cubs Summer Camp is offered for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students as an English immersion program with a wide range of fun, indoor and outdoor hands-on activities. This experience will provide children with opportunities to develop the social skills needed to adapt to the new school routines and environment, in order to succeed the next school year.

Our camp includes activities such as: book reading at the library, gross and fine motor skills activities, learning centers, balanced literacy, arts and crafts, technology lab, snacks, insurance, and a weekly field trip!

Summer-Camp-3Interamericano’s passionate and caring professional staff is dedicated to creating an environment where your child will explore and share many adventures.

The Summer Camp is from 8:00am to 12:30pm for 4 weeks (June-July).

For more information regarding fees, registration or any other questions you may have, please contact our Admissions Team.

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