Standardized Testing


The Measures of Academic Progress, also known as MAP test, is a standardized exam designed by the Northwest Evaluation Association™, which works with more than 7400 schools and educational organizations around the world.  The purpose of the MAP test is not to rank students as many other standardized exams do, but to measure each student’s academic growth over time. There are nearly 10 million test takers all over the world and Colegio Interamericano (CIG) students are among them.

At Colegio Interamericano, MAP tests are given to students from grades 1 through 10 twice a year. As soon as the students are done taking their exams, their teachers can access their scores together with a list of competencies that have already been mastered by each student and skills they still need to work on. It serves as a tool for teachers to help students throughout the learning process. This seeks to help all of our students improve, regardless of their academic level.


After test taking season, parents also get a progress report where they can see all their kids’ scores from the first time they took the test to the last. This gives parents a visual of the students’ progress throughout the years.

CIG also uses the scores as a window to understand what we need to do as a school to take our students to the next level. This assessment is applied all over the world, so we can see if our students’ achievement is at a proper level. With the MAP test, we ensure that our students are ready to compete in an ever-changing world.

A parents guide to MAP (Spanish)

A parents guide to MAP (English)