Professional Development


As part of the academic strategy of Colegio Interamericano, it is essential for its teachers and leaders to stay in a continuous learning and growing cycle that impacts the achievements of our students.

Professional development opportunities

  • Full day PD at school: Four full days of professional development will take place during the 2016-2017 school year. A professional development committee has been created to strategically organize and execute these full PD days.
  • Graduate studies: Teachers have the opportunity to study a Masters Degree in International Education by the University of Framingham.
  • A Financial Aid program has been implemented so teachers can get their teaching certificate/profesorado or a Bachelor’s degree in their subject area.
  • Consultants and specialists will visit our campus to provide and discuss new information and abilities with our staff.
  • Other opportunities such as Principal’s Training Center, conferences, etc.
  • Language Institute.