logo-opai-2016-01Colegio Interamericano is proud and thankful to have a parent association – OPAI – (Organización de Padres de Alumnos del Interamericano) that works together to organize different activities for the students while promoting a sense of community on campus.

OPAI’s main objective is the welfare of our children by promoting unity among the community of students, teachers and parents.

All parents all welcome to assist OPAI through any of the following opportunities:

  • Section mom/Section dad – In charge of communicating information to the class parents and in supporting the teacher if requested. Should have time to attend activities.
  • Tiendita Coordinator – In charge of supervising tiendita, of petty cash boxes and to gather the sale of the day.
  • Event Committee – Collaborator that helps in planning, organizing and executing events that will be held during the school year.
  • Values Talk – Responsible of giving a value talk in class, attend a small induction a week before and talk on the day requested by the class.