Health Services


Colegio Interamericano has a fully equipped infirmary to serve the immediate and minor needs of its students. There is a full time nurse to administer required/approved medications, and to attend to any medical needs our students may have.

Our nurse, Ms. Victoria Perez, loves children and has a friendly, energetic personality. She is a certified nurse and received her degree from Escuela Profesional de Enfermeria “San Jose” where she graduated with highest honors.



All Interamericano students are required to have health insurance. The annual fee for those who don’t already have insurance is *Q.250 and covers up to Q.25,000.

Alerta MédicaAlerta Medica

Colegio Interamericano is affiliated with Alerta Médica, which provides emergency and ambulance services. This has an annual fee of *Q.125.

If parents decide not to pay for Alerta Médica, Colegio Interamericano and Fundación Educativa Guatemala will not be held responsible should an emergency situation arise.

*Subject to changes.

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