Academic Support


The goal of CIG Student Support Services is to enable all students to maximize their potential, succeed in academics, and experience continued social/emotional growth and development.  The Academic Support program is based on the concept that differentiation is achieved by the continual adjustment of an appropriately challenging learning program to match a student’s demonstrated level and pace of learning. This is achieved through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), the Response to Intervention (RtI) model, and parent/student involvement. Through these ideals, programs, and partnerships, CIG can, and will, meet the individual needs of our students.


Our school believes:

  • All students can, and want to learn.

  • All students have a right to find their passions and reach their potential.

  • The relationship between teachers and students has a significant impact on how well the student learns.

  • All students gain insight in regard to their learning, and know how to advocate for themselves.

  • Teachers and administrators are responsible for creating a learning environment where all students are welcomed.

  • All students receive equal access to our curricula, and will provide students with learning opportunities within their zone of proximal development (what they need to learn, when they need it, and how they need it).

  • A variety of strategies and specialists play integral roles to increase effectivity in supporting students and teachers.

  • Planning for students whose primary language is other than English, and for students with special needs, requires flexibility, an open mind, and collaboration with specialists, teachers, counselors, administrators and parents.

Coming soon: an updated, web-based, resource library!  In the future, please stop by, take a look, and utilize any of these recommended tools to support your child’s learning!