Preschool Alliances

Colegio Interamericano appreciates and values preschool education, and recognizes that preschools develop bases for the physical, motor, intellectual, and cultural development of the child, which are training for future learning. Because of this, Colegio Interamericano has established bonds with other preschools in order to provide children and their families a seamless transaction from one school environment to another. Moreover, it’s an alternative of growth, where program continuity is given for children, their parents and staff, where success is in the cooperation between the two schools.

Alliance Objectives:

  • To facilitate the transition for students attending preschool.
  • To improve the relationship among all preschools that have alliances with Colegio Interamericano.
  • To develop common activities and programs that assist in the integral development of the students and their parents.


  • Preference in order of admission.
  • Participation in parent conferences.
  • More effective communication between the preschool and Colegio Interamericano.

Allied Schools:

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