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    School Profile

    Colegio Interamericano is private, bilingual, AdvanED accredited school located in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Interamericano provides high-quality education to every single student, along with a combination of elements that helps them become successful students. The school defines, meets, and aims to exceed the defined expectations for student learning aligned with the school’s vision that is supported by the school’s staff, external stakeholders, and board members.

    History & Profile
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    Interamericano has grown over the years, fulfilling it’s mission, identity, and purpose. With the US accreditation (AdvancED) guiding its bilingual program, Colegio Interamericano strives for academic success and improvement. In the past few years, more rigorous curriculums have been implemented, including more AP courses. Interamericano also has included standardized tests such as the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) and Aprenda.

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    Give your children the best education

    The family-like atmosphere, values, attitudes, staff, and school spirit are few of the reasons why parents chose Colegio Interamericano over other International schools in the area. Five years ago, the enrollment at Inter was 950 students. Now it has risen to 1200+, a 27% increase in just five years. What are you waiting for?

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    Great Career Outcomes

    Interamericano follows a rigorous university preparatory program, which meets the graduation requirements for both the United States and Guatemala. Representatives of many universities visit Inter to share about their different programs. Interamericano’s students have been accepted to California State University, Loyola University, Stanford, Notre Dame, New Orleans, among others.

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